Estuary Commercial Utilities have a dedicated team that can source and project manage any renewables solution and have a wealth of experience in the sector.  

Renewable Power Generation

Estuary Commercial Utilities have a dedicated team that can source and project manage any renewables solution and have a wealth of experience in the sector.  

We are passionate about Renewable Power Generation, the benefits it provides, and the long term sustainability options it offers businesses.  

Technologies we support include: 

  • Solar PV
  • Wind
  • Battery Storage
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

From concept through to feasibility study, ROI analysis and full end to end project management, Estuary Commercial Utilities has the expertise to deliver the right solution for your business.  


What is a Power Purchase Agreement or a PPA?  

A Power Purchase Agreement is a contract between an energy generator and an energy supplier for the purchase of energy.  

An energy generator would be any business, site or company that has a Power generation asset that generates more energy than is required on site, and, as such, have an excess that they can sell to the market.  

A generation asset could be:- 

  • Solar
  • Wind 
  • Combined Heat and Power Solution.


As with all energy, excess power generation is a commodity and there is a market for its purchase within the energy industry.  

In this instance a Power Purchase Agreement is the contract between the generator and the supplier for the purchase of the generated energy. 

Our expert team is ready to talk through your options whether you are looking to export energy for the first time, or, or looking at reviewing your existing agreements. 

We also have a range of support facilities available, including finance and buy back options – perfect for situations where you have the space, vision and the capacity, but possibly not the available level of capital.  


Basic worked example of customer SOLAR asset buy back:- 

  • Current cost of business Electricity is 17kwh
  • Customer (X) has a high energy consumption Manufacturing business, with a large roof space. The site is whollyowned by the business. 
  • Estuary Commercial Utilities will design, quote and build a SOLAR asset on the roof space, conforming to the highest standards, and, with warranties.
  • Estuary Oils owns the SOLAR asset for years 1 – 15, selling the Energy generated back to Customer (X) at a contracted rate of 2kwh behind current market value*.
  • Estuary Commercial Utilities maintainsthe asset, in full, for years 1-15. 
  • At the end of year 15, the SOLAR asset passes to Customer (X) in full. All power generated is then free for Customer (X).


*Actual rates, costs and terms are indicative and are based on individual customer requirements.  

We work with a small, select team of accredited network of SOLAR Industry Professionals that design, install, repair and maintain Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panel systems across the UK. Collectively we have completed hundreds Solar Panel installations, offering quality builds at cost effective prices.  

Having a commercial background means that we understand the needs and requirements of both Commercial Solar and  Agricultural Solar Farms Solar PV Systems. We recognise that SOLAR is an Investment in your Energy Future and we will work with you to help you make the right decision, based on accurate and realistic projections.  

We will help you through this process and offer advice regarding the installation of your Solar Panel Project, starting from an initial consultation, through to site survey, full ROI analysis, transparent costing, final offer and build. 

SOLAR Site Maintenace 

SOLAR PV systems are very reliable and require little actual maintenance. However – EFFICENCY IS THE KEY. The more efficient the PV panels are, the more power they are generating, the better your investment. 

We offer SOLAR site Maintenance contracts that will:- 

  • Identify Equipment failures
  • Highlight performance issues
  • Panel Cleaning / Deep Cleaning
  • Site maintenance / Grass cutting / Hedge Cutting

Look after your investment and it will continue to perform for you.